Pre-Sales Questions
  • Can I purchase domain name with HostSoch?
    Yes, you can purchase .com, .in,, .net, .org, .biz, .info and many more available domain names as you wish. Click here and enter the domain you would like to purchase.
  • Can I purchase only hosting service with HostSoch?
    Yes, you can purchase only hosting service for your domain names which you have already registered with any domain registrar
  • What types of hosting you provide?
    We are providing Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting and WordPress Hosting to serve all kinds of customers
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Credit Cards/Debit cards, PayPal and Net Banking . We do not accept Cash.
  • Are there any hidden/extra charges?
    No, we will no charge anything extra without your prior consent.
Domain Names
  • What is a Domain Name?
    The Domain Names are used in URL to identify particular web pages or website. For example, in the URL you can see, here the domain name is “”.
  • How can I choose a good domain name?
    Usually a domain name is an extension of your business, brand or identity. You should ensure, your domain name is directly related with your business identity such as, company name or the products/services of your business.
  • How do I get a domain name?
    You can purchase a domain name from
  • How much does a domain name cost?
    The domain name price may vary depends on extensions (for eg; .com, .in) and current market rate. But you can check our Domain Name pricelist which we are offering cheapest in the market.?
  • What are the different hosting packages you provide in shared hosting?
    We are mainly providing Linux Hosting and Windows under shared hosting service, which is coming with four attractive plans. Click here to see our detailed Linux Hosting Plans and Windows Hosting Plans
  • Which plan I should go with?
    The right Web hosting plan for you depends on your Website requirements and what you plan to do with it. We provide Linux and Windows Hosting Platforms. Based on these two platforms, the service supports both Perl and PHP languages on Linux platform and ASP.NET/.NET Framework 4.5.1/4.6.1 on Windows platform.
  • Do you provide technical support for hosting services?
    Yes, we do dedicated support for hosting services through Ticket System, Email Support and Live Chat Support.
  • Do you monitor your servers?
    Yes, we have a team of expert system administrators who are monitoring our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • Do you allow adult content on your servers?
    We do not allow adult contents. This is described as pornographic materials. Please contact our support team if you have further queries.
  • Do you put banners or pop-ups on my web pages?
    No, we do not tamper with your website.
  • Can I upgrade my hosting plan at a later?
    Yes, you can upgrade your hosting plan any time. For more details you can contact our sales support team.
  • How to create new email id?
    1. Access your Cpanel at
    2. Supply the user name & password
    3. To access the Email Accounts Menu, click on Email Accounts icon, on the main screen of your CPanel
    4. Enter the Email ID which you need to create in the Email field
    5. Enter the password for the Email id in the Password field.
    [ ! Notes ]
    You can use the password generator option to enter the password strong
    6. Enter the mailbox quota in the mailbox quota field 7. Click on the button Create Account to create an Email account
  • How to reset email password?
    1. Login to your cPanel
    2. Click on the 'Email Accounts' under 'Mail' tab
    3. Click on 'Change Password' link at the right hand side of the email address for which you would like to change the password
    4. Enter new 'Password' you want to use. Then, click on submit
  • Can I access my emails in webmail?
    Once you create the email id you can access the email accounts in the below way.
    1. Accessing Email Accounts via webmail:
    You can use the below URL to access your mails. or
  • Can I check emails in my mobile?
    Yes, you can access emails in your smart phones.
  • What is the size of Mail Box?
    You can allow any amount of web space to your email accounts. However, you will be able to use only up to the total quota of your webhosting package.
  • Outlook E-Mail Configuration is possible?
    Yes, You can Configuring Email Accounts in Outlook:
    Please follow the below procedure for outlook configuration

    1. Launch Outlook Express
    2. Click on Tools menu
    3. Click on Accounts
    4. Click on mail menu
    5. Click on Add >> New mail
    6. Enter Your Name
    7. Enter your existing email ID
    8. Enter your mail server and smtp details
    Incoming Mail Server : mail.domainname or serverip
    Outgoing SMTP: mail.domainname or serverip
    9. Enter your full email ID [i.e]
    For example :
    10. Click on finish
    11. Click on properties
    12. Click on servers
    13. In out going mail server >>> Check My server Requires Authentication
    14. Click on settings
    15. Choose Log On Using
    16. In Account Name Give Full Email ID

    [ Example : ]
    17. Supply password
    18. Click on remember password
    19. Click OK
    20. Click on close
    21. Click on SEND/RECEIVE menu >> Choose Receive All
    22. Click on unread messages to read your mails
  • How many FTP account will I get with my account?
    It is depends on your hosting plan. You can also check here, number of FTP accounts you will get with each hosting plans
  • How to connect to FTP using FileZilla?
    Filezilla is a FTP program to allow you to transfer files from your local computer to remote server.
    1. Open the Filezilla Client program
    2. Enter HOST:
    3. USER : Your FTP username
    4. PASSWORD : Your FTP password
    5. Now, click on “Quickconnect”